FAI Art Co-op desires to be a friendly, noncompetitive, relational environment for artists to do their work.

Studio Artists


Mark Barlow

Painter, musician, educator, craftsman, ordained minister, polymath, Mark Barlow has been part of the Fallout Arts Initiative community since February, 2018, and part of the visual and performing arts for very much longer. In his current burst of prolificacy, markobarloco has hung work at Everett & Charlie, Squirrel Haus Arts, Fallout Urban Arts Center, 801 Gallery, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, and now SolSta Records.  These thirty pieces represent a decades-long relationship with the city of Florence, Italy.




Ute Zahn 

Ute grew up in a musical family in Düsseldorf, Germany. After graduating High School she moved to England to attend the Newark School of Violin Making. Her career as a violin maker and restorer has taken her from England to Hong Kong, Canada and Minnesota.

Ute has worked in a number of violin shops, taught at the Violin Program at MN State College Southeast Technical in Red Wing, MN, and subbed as a freelance cellest with several area ensembles. She organizes monthly meetings of local luthiers, has co-hosted an exhibition of their work, and heads the non-profit, “Luthier sans Frontières,” which seeks to support muscians in under-privleged places. She continues to make and restore instruments in the violin community and freelancing all over Southern Minnesota.




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