The Heart of the FAI

To nurture creativity, diversity, & community for young & emerging  artists, and to benefit the less fortunate through creative programs, positive environments, and service initiatives. 


FAI Mission Statement: An Art Community for the Community

1) An Art Community: We seek to be a resource that encourages and equips artists to excellence.

In addition, we..

– facilitate events and encourage relational community among artists

– conduct programs and workshops that help launch, develop, and establish artists

– offer affordable facilities for studio, gallery, and workshop/performance space

2) For the Community: We provide opportunities for creative service that benefit the less fortunate in our communities.

In addition, we…

– organize individual and group creative service initiatives

– host benefits centered on bringing awareness to social justice issues

– offer art programs and facilities to at risk youth, those with disabilities,  and individuals that typically do not have opportunity to grow in creativity

– build community among individuals from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, races, beliefs, socioeconomic statuses, and having a variety of artisitic abilities, through our creative facilities, spaces and events.

P.O. BOX 8212