fai respect policy


Racism, Sexism, Violence, Pro-Substance Abuse, & Nudity:

The Fallout is part of a community (Source) that serves the physical needs of, provides advocates for, and transitional housing for young people that many times have abusive and  scarred pasts. The Fallout Urban Art Center offers a gallery space and performance space for shows and art openings, as well as providing a safe place for those young people to be and to belong.

We desire to serve the whole community we are a part of, in addition to our neighborhood, which includes:

– After school programs that include youth

– International neighbors (some of which come from cultures and religions where nudity is highly offensive)

– Young people involved with past abuses including: homelessness, drug abuse, sexual abuse, racism, eating disorders (& other body image issues), suicide attempts, prostitution, & pornography (all sometimes at very young ages).

– Families with young children–we want families to feel comfortable bringing their children.

We are NOT into censoring art. Our heart is to promote creativity, community, diversity, and above all tolerance. It is a huge challenge to create a community space where people feel safe and respected, and at the same time to not “censor”. We do not desire to have a lengthy set of rules and policies to police, nor do we want to stay away from art or music that promotes a positive conversation of the reality and overcoming the past scars of hurting people’s issues.

We will avoid negative messages that promote or romanticize racism, sexism, violence, or substance abuse.

Nudity in art can be a sensitive issue. This is not a statement about the morals of art. There are many things that we believe are good and even great art that would not be a fit at the Fallout. For the reasons above, our general policy is not to show female breasts or female/male genitalia. Abstract drawings/paintings depicting nude figures in non-sexual poses will be allowed.

All art is curated by a team that includes Fallout staff and sometimes volunteers.

P.O. BOX 8212