FAI Respect Policy

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Because we serve a variety of individuals with a variety of backgrounds, we desire to serve our community in the most respectful way that we can. Many of our neighbors are international and/or are individuals struggling with issues of homelessness, abuse, exploitation, and racism.

FAI participants agree to promote creativity, community, diversity, and tolerance through creating a safe space for all individuals (including children).

Because of this, participants must agree to:

  • Ensure FAI spaces are family-friendly 
  • Avoid negative messages that promote or romanticize racism, sexism, violence, or substance abuse.
  • Not display nudity* in FAI art shows/collaborations
  • Not display sexual situations of passionate displays of affection (all displays are family-friendly)
  • Mild to no swearing (language appropriate for children)

We are NOT into censoring art. Our heart is to promote creativity, community, diversity, and above all tolerance. It is a huge challenge to create a community space where people feel safe and respected, and at the same time to not “censor”. We do not desire to have a lengthy set of rules and policies to police, nor do we want to stay away from art or music that promotes a positive conversation of the reality and overcoming the past scars of hurting people’s issues.

*Nudity in art can be a sensitive issue. This is not a statement about the morals of art. There are many things that we believe are good and even great art that would not be a fit at the Fallout. For the reasons above, our general policy is not to show female breasts or female/male genitalia. Abstract drawings/paintings depicting nude figures in non-sexual poses will be allowed.

All art is curated by a team that includes Fallout staff and sometimes volunteers. 

The FAI reserves the right to dismiss a piece of artwork in the event that it does not respect FAI policy and mission, and/or does not promote a family-friendly atmosphere. 


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