Fallout Art Fest


At our annual Fallout Art Fest, performers and artists fill the street, Fallout Urban Art Center, and the studios of the FAI Coop Building. The stages anchored the indoor/outdoor event boasting a crowd teaming with unprecedented diversity. Hosting such a grand event allows us to interact and build relationships with young adults, neighborhood residents and businesses, and the arts community. An unlikely mix of contrasting individuals stand shoulder to shoulder making conversation, watching performances and participating in interactive art.

Murals, sculptures, pottery, screen-printing, book making, stained glass, mosaics, juggling, blacksmith techniques, and kids’ activities are among some of the activities represented in our interactive stations and displays. Volunteers offer free food to a line of visitors.


The Art Fest blesses our inner-city neighborhood by bringing a diverse group of neighbors together, generating youth participation, giving young, local artists exposure, and creating awareness of our community and Source’s partnerships with organizations. The Art Fest also is an illustration of unity: Over 15 congregations and organizations, and more than 100 volunteers partner with Source. This large event also is an excellent opportunity to increase awareness, encourage future prayer and participation, and model Source’s values for effectively serving and reaching diverse, urban neighborhoods and individuals who would not likely be found in a sanctuary of a church.

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