heart of the fai

fallout arts initiative purpose

To nurture creativity, diversity, & community for young & emerging  artists, And To benefit the less fortunate through creative programs, environments and service initiatives. 


fai mission statement: an art community for the community

1) An Art Community: Resource, Encourage, and Equip artists to excellence and…

– Facilitate events that gather and encourage community amongst artists

– Programs and workshops that help launch, develop, and establish artists

– Affordable Facilities & environments for studio, gallery, and workshop/performance space

2) For the Community: Provide opportunities for Creative Service that will benefit the less fortunate

– Organize individual and group creative service  initiatives that benefit the less fortunate

– Benefits that help bring resources & awareness of justice/poverty issues.

-Art programs and facilities that allow urban youth, those who are disabled, and individuals that typically do not have opportunities to be introduced or grow in creativity.

– Build community amongst the diversity of race, backgrounds,  spiritualities, artistic mediums, and social economics through creative facilities, space and events.

P.O. BOX 8212